HT Banner Slider

★ What is Banner Slider?

Banner Slider(by Humthemes) is a lightweight jQuery powered JavaScript slideshow that allows you to quickly and easily display a selection of images and transition between them. The slideshow itself is very flexible and easily customizable.

★ Features

-Easily edit the content.Written in the following HTML format <a href="/{LINK}" title="{TITLE}"> <img src="/{IMAGE PATH}" /> </a> in editor,then generate a slideshow item. {link} is hyper-linked.{TITLE} is image Caption.{IMAGE PATH} is image's URL.
-Support for Image captions below the slideshow including support for titles.
-Set slide speed,delay time , pause on hover ,direct rendering, and etc. for transitions.
-Support five kinds of buttons and loading icon style to custom module.
-32 easing transitions to choose.
-Provide two types rendering mode.One rendering directly and the other is to wait after the images is loaded then render.


Lively Demo - Layout type 1:

BannerBanner Slider (by HumThemes) - Landscapes


Lively Demo - Layout type 2:

Banner Slider (by HumThemes) -Figures

  • Figures photo 4
  • Figures photo 2
  • Figures photo 3
  • Figures photo 1

Module parameters screenshots:


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